16002900_10154399412362736_7563353584292966376_nWell the Bald Backpacker isnt the most well travelled guy you’ve ever known. But he definitely intends to be.

He ie Suneet is from DehraDun and currently stays in Noida. He is currently working with BookMyShow from their satellite office in Noida itself.

His life has come a full circle. After leaving Delhi post graduation he has been to Pune to Chennai then back to Pune to Mumbai and finally now back to Noida.

He loves Photography and is considered a half decent photographer by the people who know him. Also loves to play football and watch cricket.

He loves to travel with like minded people but most of all he loves to travel with his wife Nisha. Both of them are very similar in their likings and dislikings. For example, Suneet really loves Nisha and Nisha also really really loves Nisha. Hence both are on the same page most of the time.

If you want to reach out to him, please mail at suneetdehran@gmail.com or give a call on 9923692713

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